Day 1

This is an experiment.

In 100 days, my 25th high school reunion will take place. Presently I am unemployed and on pogey (employment insurance), single and renting an apartment in London, Ontario, Canada. I have an awesome dog! She’s a wheaton terrier/toy poodle cross and her name is Lola! I’m a really positive and enthusiastic person and am blessed with a fantastic network of friends and family!

I have a few goals:

1) To complete a sprint triathlon before July 9, 2011.

2) To work at a job I truly enjoy.

3) Maintain a positive attitude and remain open to all opportunities.

4) Inspire others in the process.

I have no idea what’s about to happen and I have no real plan but that’s part of the fun and excitement!

I am passionate about:

1) Being Canadian! I have great pride in this country and in the men and women that fight for and have fought for, our freedom. We are so fortunate to live in this land!

2) Changing the pressure young girls, and women in general, feel to be “thin and beautiful” with raising their self esteem. I think fitness and self acceptance are both integral points in this shift.

3) Gorgeous dresses! I’m not a typical girly girl but love dressing up and dresses that flatter!

4) Retro clothing, think Betty Page or even the ’40s pinup girls. Mad Men has inspired the comeback in my world!

5) MLB – love the boys of summer!

6) People in general. Everyone has a story and I am genuinely interested in and fascinated by, everyone’s stories!

7) Generally adventures of all kinds! Encounters, laughs, conversations, travel, you name it!

Today I spoke with a fantastic lady, Veronica,  at a women’s dress store here in London called Elizabeth Noel! I am hopefully going to train at their Stratford store, pending the manager meeting me on Monday!

My friend Lisa is on maternity leave but is a personal trainer and avid fitness freak! She has offered to train me two days a week, once in her home and once in mine! I currently take a 90 min endurance cycling class on Fridays and that goes for another month.

100 days is roughly 14 weeks but I need to decide on a date and event for the sprint triathlon, then sign up!

A “sprint” event is typically a 750m swim, followed by a 20k bike ride and ends with a 5k run.

So I’m off and running so to speak!

Any suggestions and/or tips you have for any of these goals please don’t hesitate to pass along!

Here’s a little Pink to get you and me, in the mood!