Day 26

Sometimes a dream is just outside your grasp, and it doesn’t turn out to be YOUR dream after all!

What was it Garth Brooks sang? “Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers”?

I thought of this as I watched Oprah interview Phil Knight, the mastermind behind the Nike empire. He has always shied away from the media but I suppose Oprah is someone most just can’t turn down! He seemed modest and honest and seemed like he truly loves what he does. Still to this day!

But his story was that he, like so many young people, wanted to be a professional athlete. Once he realized that dream wasn’t going to happen, he simply wanted to work with inspiring University of Oregon coach, Bill Bauerman. The two formed an agreement with $500 each and were selling custom shoes out of a car at track meets.

Fast forward to one of the biggest empires worldwide.

A few athletes taped thank-yous  to Mr. Knight, Lance Armstrong even made a personal appearance. When the two originally discussed the Livestrong wristband, neither of them thought it was a good idea!

There have been 80 MILLION distributed to date.

As I was watching the whole thing, Oprah said she started running again. Seeing her smiling and openly showing so much affection for what these two men had done, it occurred to me that Oprah didn’t have to be a champion. Her job was something else. These two men inspired people in completely different ways, as did Oprah. Phil Knight never did become a major league baseball player but he is still doing what he truly loves!

It was like a lightbulb went off.

What am I doing trying to be someone else? Why am I trying to pursue something that isn’t what I am supposed to do?!

I like to be fit. I put pressure on myself and it backfires. I feel guilt when I don’t succeed.

It’s been that way in my work life also!

Although I have truly enjoyed doing most of the jobs I have done, only one did I really love.

Interviewing people. Making people think a different way. Writing and for that matter, blogging. Allowing people to talk, have a voice. I’m good at that. I wasn’t meant to be a champion athlete. I need to leave that to the people who spend every waking moment thinking about how much they love it.

That doesn’t mean I can’t conquer a triathlon, but it means I don’t have to do it over and over. It’s the journey anyway, not the finish.

So maybe all this confusion about what I’m supposed to “do” careerwise and what tri event I should commit to should be more about what I LOVE, about what makes me happy and that comes right back to what my life coach Michael asked me to do this week.

I was asked to write down 100 things that make me happy. It was hard.

I realized being fit makes me happy but feeling guilty about not working out doesn’t. I need to stop the cycle. Truly enjoy what I’m doing, or why do it??? Who am I doing it for???

I felt really good about realizing all of this!

Ironically, I worked with my financial guy today, helping him get his office organized. I told him I would volunteer to learn more about his business and see if it was a good fit for both of us before we entered into a “working” relationship. It was fun and I learned a lot! It was also great to get the brain juices flowing again! I am discovering other skills I have and that’s encouraging! I’m going back tomorrow to learn more and see how it goes!

I’m also training with Lisa tonight, for the first time since being in hospital. I’m really looking forward to it!

More epiphanies! Great day!

This is the only decent video I could find of that Garth Brooks song. It’s from the series Jericho!


Day 24 and 25

I am not a gym junkie, but I am a chocoholic!

Going for Easter dinner out at our friends’ cottage was fantastic! Weather wasn’t all that sunny but it was mild so the dogs all got a good visit in! We had ham, loaded mashed potatoes, asparagus, spinach salad, and I think there was pie for dessert. There were two couples, me and four dogs, including Lola.

Each of us also got a basket with both real eggs and chocolate ones, as well as a giant chocolate bunny from one of the couples! I ate Mr. Bunny on the drive home!

Then I woke up this morning with renewed commitment to go back to no booze, no white flour and no refined sugar, AND to decide on a sprint triathlon or try-a-tri event.

I was not successful in either of those bids!

I looked over the Woodstock tri site for quite a while and just couldn’t decide! However I DO have a six-week sprint tri program that I can follow. Monday of the first week is a “day off”! What luck!

Lisa gave me some times she could train me this week so that’s back on again too! She’s really motivational so that should help, I hope!

And I found on top of my fridge, two Belgium chocolate eggs that I had picked up for my friends with the cottage but forgotten to give to them! We all got so much chocolate that I knew they wouldn’t want them. So I promptly ate one WHOLE EGG today! WTF?

I’d love to say PMS is the only cause for the temporary lapse of reason but I don’t think that’s the only source! Why did I do it? Why can’t I commit to a tri event? I’ve attempted to commit to doing one a few times now and it just won’t stick! I have to think about why I just can’t git’er’done?!

Tomorrow I am helping my financial guy get his home office in order. He is now without an assistant and he said he could use my help even if it’s just temporary so that should be fun!

Hopefully by then my chocolate tummy ache will have subsided!

I wish Biggest Loser was on tonight so I could get motivated! WAIT! I have Rogers On Demand! I can watch last week’s again!

I have to admit though, this past week of not caring what I ate and swilling red wine has been some kind of awesome! Lots of fun! And I have come up with the “zingers” effortlessly! That is SO fun!

I really want to get over the “hurdle” though of not pushing myself to be more physical. I love it once I get at it, and I’ve been able to motivate myself in the past to train for events. What’s holding me back?

I’ve discovered so much about myself this far, I’m sure this will come to me as well!

But for tonight, good eats, lots of water AND G2 (Gatorade low cal), and a good night’s sleep to be fresh for helping my financial guy tomorrow and then cardio and training with Lisa!

Getting right back on that horse!

Interesting video by Snow Patrol, I’d never heard this song, Chocolate, till today!

Day 20

Time to hunker down and train!

I felt a bit defeated today. I went to the gym to run on the treadmill and got really tired! And a headache! I have to admit, it was likely nerves about keeling over. I pushed through it but I’m not where I was before I visited the hospital! I know it will come back quickly but it was a tad deflating!

I also realized, that if I want to do the Woodstock Tri, which is the weekend of June 12, 13, I only have about 7 weeks if I start seriously training on Monday. I have both a 6-week and 12-week training plan to complete a sprint. I just hope I have enough time!

I’m also wondering if I should just do a try-a-tri which is a shorter distance all around. I have a friend who lives in my neighbourhood and teaches at my gym. He has signed up for that race. We could train together and encourage each other!

I will have to decide over the Easter holiday!

After getting some advice from a friend who is somewhat of a gadget “expert”, I decided not to go with a Garmin 305, as it’s more watch than I really need. I have a GPS on my iPhone that I use with an app called RunKeeper and I use the iPod part of the iPhone when I run anyway. I have a pretty good data plan so all I really needed was a heart rate device.  My friend suggested Polar was likely the best brand. I found a Timex heart-rate zone training watch at Costco about $100 cheaper than either a Polar or Garmin. If it sucks, as long as I have the receipt, I can bring it back!

I can’t seem to get my nutrition right! If I follow a diet a trainer once had me on when I was getting “fit” at “wedding boot camp” before I got married, I feel too full and do not lose weight, even though I am weight-training AND doing cardio. I think I’ve screwed up my metabolism so badly yo-yo dieting over the years, it’s just saying,”You can’t fool me THIS time sister!”

I’ll hunt around for some good nutritional advice as well!

Otherwise, I just feel fantastic! I feel like something magical is afoot! I am so grateful for the caring and supportive friends I have, friends I am reconnecting with and new friends as well! Everything is coming together!

I am also noticing the hot guys that are at the gym, and everywhere for that matter! Why did I not see these fellows before? 🙂 I guess I was just wrapped up in my own “stuff”!

There is a really great deal on cheap flights to St. John’s Newfoundland, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go! I’m debating about spending money I don’t have and buying a ticket on a wing and a prayer! Stay tuned for that!

Friday is my birthday and our regular girls’ night will be moving to the pub in my neighbourhood! Am excited to celebrate with friends and extended family this Easter weekend!

I also meet with life coach Michael again tomorrow!

When I was at the gym today, this song came on the iPod! I LOVE Elvis Costello! OMG, remember the show Solid Gold? Here he is performing on that show!

Day 1

This is an experiment.

In 100 days, my 25th high school reunion will take place. Presently I am unemployed and on pogey (employment insurance), single and renting an apartment in London, Ontario, Canada. I have an awesome dog! She’s a wheaton terrier/toy poodle cross and her name is Lola! I’m a really positive and enthusiastic person and am blessed with a fantastic network of friends and family!

I have a few goals:

1) To complete a sprint triathlon before July 9, 2011.

2) To work at a job I truly enjoy.

3) Maintain a positive attitude and remain open to all opportunities.

4) Inspire others in the process.

I have no idea what’s about to happen and I have no real plan but that’s part of the fun and excitement!

I am passionate about:

1) Being Canadian! I have great pride in this country and in the men and women that fight for and have fought for, our freedom. We are so fortunate to live in this land!

2) Changing the pressure young girls, and women in general, feel to be “thin and beautiful” with raising their self esteem. I think fitness and self acceptance are both integral points in this shift.

3) Gorgeous dresses! I’m not a typical girly girl but love dressing up and dresses that flatter!

4) Retro clothing, think Betty Page or even the ’40s pinup girls. Mad Men has inspired the comeback in my world!

5) MLB – love the boys of summer!

6) People in general. Everyone has a story and I am genuinely interested in and fascinated by, everyone’s stories!

7) Generally adventures of all kinds! Encounters, laughs, conversations, travel, you name it!

Today I spoke with a fantastic lady, Veronica,  at a women’s dress store here in London called Elizabeth Noel! I am hopefully going to train at their Stratford store, pending the manager meeting me on Monday!

My friend Lisa is on maternity leave but is a personal trainer and avid fitness freak! She has offered to train me two days a week, once in her home and once in mine! I currently take a 90 min endurance cycling class on Fridays and that goes for another month.

100 days is roughly 14 weeks but I need to decide on a date and event for the sprint triathlon, then sign up!

A “sprint” event is typically a 750m swim, followed by a 20k bike ride and ends with a 5k run.

So I’m off and running so to speak!

Any suggestions and/or tips you have for any of these goals please don’t hesitate to pass along!

Here’s a little Pink to get you and me, in the mood!