Day 20

Time to hunker down and train!

I felt a bit defeated today. I went to the gym to run on the treadmill and got really tired! And a headache! I have to admit, it was likely nerves about keeling over. I pushed through it but I’m not where I was before I visited the hospital! I know it will come back quickly but it was a tad deflating!

I also realized, that if I want to do the Woodstock Tri, which is the weekend of June 12, 13, I only have about 7 weeks if I start seriously training on Monday. I have both a 6-week and 12-week training plan to complete a sprint. I just hope I have enough time!

I’m also wondering if I should just do a try-a-tri which is a shorter distance all around. I have a friend who lives in my neighbourhood and teaches at my gym. He has signed up for that race. We could train together and encourage each other!

I will have to decide over the Easter holiday!

After getting some advice from a friend who is somewhat of a gadget “expert”, I decided not to go with a Garmin 305, as it’s more watch than I really need. I have a GPS on my iPhone that I use with an app called RunKeeper and I use the iPod part of the iPhone when I run anyway. I have a pretty good data plan so all I really needed was a heart rate device.  My friend suggested Polar was likely the best brand. I found a Timex heart-rate zone training watch at Costco about $100 cheaper than either a Polar or Garmin. If it sucks, as long as I have the receipt, I can bring it back!

I can’t seem to get my nutrition right! If I follow a diet a trainer once had me on when I was getting “fit” at “wedding boot camp” before I got married, I feel too full and do not lose weight, even though I am weight-training AND doing cardio. I think I’ve screwed up my metabolism so badly yo-yo dieting over the years, it’s just saying,”You can’t fool me THIS time sister!”

I’ll hunt around for some good nutritional advice as well!

Otherwise, I just feel fantastic! I feel like something magical is afoot! I am so grateful for the caring and supportive friends I have, friends I am reconnecting with and new friends as well! Everything is coming together!

I am also noticing the hot guys that are at the gym, and everywhere for that matter! Why did I not see these fellows before? 🙂 I guess I was just wrapped up in my own “stuff”!

There is a really great deal on cheap flights to St. John’s Newfoundland, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go! I’m debating about spending money I don’t have and buying a ticket on a wing and a prayer! Stay tuned for that!

Friday is my birthday and our regular girls’ night will be moving to the pub in my neighbourhood! Am excited to celebrate with friends and extended family this Easter weekend!

I also meet with life coach Michael again tomorrow!

When I was at the gym today, this song came on the iPod! I LOVE Elvis Costello! OMG, remember the show Solid Gold? Here he is performing on that show!


Day 4

Positive but a little confused!

It doesn’t take much to confuse me. Although I can be extremely focused, I do get distracted easily!

I was supposed to drive to Stratford today to meet with the manager about training at the Elizabeth Noel store there. My car has been sounding dodgy and I’m almost afraid to take it in for fear of how much it will cost! It’s a ’99 Honda Civic and she ain’t pretty but she’s still got under 180,000 clicks on her and, knock wood, has been super-reliable! I called the store and asked if I could come later in the week so I could get the car checked. The manager of course agreed. Then I started to think, why the heck am I driving to Stratford to train for a job in town, both with no more promise than minimum wage???

I have applied for tons of other jobs and I have a friend that is starting a new venture and may need me to work full time for him. It wouldn’t be a ton of money either but I wouldn’t have to drive and it would be extremely FUN, a job that would not at all seem like work!

I also got an email from another trainer friend who knows of someone looking for help! Awesome!

I guess my confusion lies with, how do I know which will work out for both parties, will be a good fit? For many months I was convinced that I would be getting a broadcasting job, that’s what I’ve done for the past decade, all I had to do was think positively. That doesn’t seem feasible and I need something SOON!

Training-wise, I picked up my foam roller and used it as soon as I got home! It was awesome! I’m going to use it again tonight as Lisa and I have another session tomorrow afternoon!

The weather was so all over the place today that I decided to run indoors.

Note to self: Never make an impulse fitness attire buy.

I forgot to bring my workout bra! Has anyone else ever done this? It’s embarrassing and what made it even more embarrassing for me was the fact that I wasn’t even WEARING a regular one! I was halfway to the gym and thought, okay, there’s a Goodlife (where I’m a member) in the Loblaws store, I’ll buy a workout bra and go workout there! Suffice it to say, once I had the bra-top and T-shirt on, it was too long and not flattering for a “pear” like me. I sweated in it anyway, and of course then, I couldn’t return it. Perhaps in a month or so it won’t be so tight 🙂 And am I the only one who has different sizes of workout clothes?

I pushed myself for half an hour on the treadmill, warming up first and cooling down afterward. I rarely warm up first but Lisa suggested I should and that I should stretch. She showed me some fantastic hip stretches and they really helped after the run today! I feel great!

I know the more dedicated I become to fitness and training, the less confused I will become about my future. The more positive energy I can emit, the better for everyone! I know this for fact!

Everything will become clear, my challenge is being patient. 🙂

Hey, anyone see Stephen Tyler and Carrie Underwood last night? If you missed…