Day 3

I’m learning a lot in a short time, a lightbulb in so many areas!

First, I had my first training session with my friend Lisa, it was fantastic! I learned that using a foam roller may be somewhat of a Godsend in helping stretch out my hips, hamstrings and IT band! And I can pick one up at the Fitness Depot! They actually have them in stock!

The workout itself was basically to see what my fitness level is. It’s not terrible but there is lots of room for improvement and setting personal goals! Lisa is SO encouraging and just working with her, I know if she says to give something a try, I’ll push myself much more than just doing weights myself! She is great at having me move through different exercises without much of a break to keep my heart rate up! I was huffing and puffing! I felt really good after but extremely tired! I made a bad choice not to eat before going over but brought a banana and some protein powder. Lisa made me an awesome shake with them to recover!

I really needed to get a one-piece swimsuit for the swim and I’m hoping to get a lesson from a generous friend that used to swim competitively, just to get the front crawl breathing and an overall better technique! I got a Nike suit at Winners for a fairly reasonable price!

On a personal note, I learned for the umpteenth time, texting and email can be misinterpreted and, in some cases, insensitive and hurtful. I hope I have finally learned my lesson, that voice to voice or face to face are always the best discussions to have. No exceptions. I have hurt a friend by joking in an email when the time was inappropriate. I feel terrible. It’s not the first time, and likely won’t be the last, but I have learned a valuable lesson that waiting to speak in person or on the phone, is the best modus operandi. Keeping my mouth shut is also a good option!

Tomorrow I’m to drive to Stratford and meet the manager at the clothing store. It’s supposed to rain and to my surprise SNOWED today so it may be touch and go!

My next session with Lisa is Tuesday afternoon and I’ll have to fit in a run tomorrow!

Man, I’m going to sleep well!

I love this Jann Arden song and it’s just about how I feel today! 🙂