Day 13 & 14

Back in the saddle!

OK, that’s not me, it’s World and Olympic Champion Victoria Pendleton. But it COULD be me!!!

Let’s back track a bit…

Yesterday, I spent most of the day helping a friend manually transfer all of his client data into a new computer system. He’s bringing all of his 20 + years’ worth of client base to a new hair salon. I’m a pretty fast typist. We got the job done, in fact, it was really challenging and fun! He bought me lunch and dinner, and we were square!

I also met with my life coach Michael again! It was phenomenal! I feel more confident and a bit more sure of my road ahead, likely more than ever! Michael’s entry into my life has been a Godsend! You can find out more about Michael G. Duhaney and his life coaching at his website here!

Today was the big day, going back to my GP. As I expressed earlier, I’ve been afraid to go too hard-working out so I’ve been almost paralyzed!

When Dr. Swift entered the examination room, he jokingly said, “You’ve been misbehaving!” He then proceeded to tell me my low sodium had everything to do with me drinking way too much water and not enough electrolytes/sodium/potassium. I looked him in the face and said, “I have to ask you something, ” and I started to tear up, “I’m afraid to run. I’m afraid I’ll keel over and die, all alone on a path, and no one will find me!” I had full-on tears at this point and my lip was quivering. He moved closer to me, looked me in the eye and said, “There is nothing wrong with your heart. This only had to do with dehydration. The fact that you made it through this proves how strong your heart really is!”

I was relieved. I then asked him a few questions Lisa wanted me to ask about maximum heart rate etc. After dissing people who run with a heart rate monitor, looks like I’m going to have to purchase one myself! Small price for my sanity and Lisa’s too!

I’m due back in a month. Since I left the hospital, I was surprised when I was there that my blood pressure was actually below normal. So I’ve been hitting Shoppers Drug Mart stores and testing my blood pressure with their machines and printing them out. I showed the doc and that’s really what has kept me off the meds! But he wants me to keep testing once a week and bring the printouts back in a month!

I’ve got a free pass  now to continue!!! I’m elated!!!

I have experienced so much within our Canadian health care system in the past few months, I’m going to write an entire piece about that, maybe even a letter to the editor of a national paper! Look out for it in the VERY near future!

Suffice it to say I made no secret to the people caring for me that I understood because I am unemployed and without a health insurance provider, had I lived in the United States, I’m not sure if I would have been able to pay for the care I’ve just received! I know no one gets turned away but I was absolutely ashamed by the amount and the level of spitefulness at the root of so many people’s complaints.

Walk a mile in an American family’s shoes on social assistance.

And so I am grateful!!! Grateful to be in good health and grateful to live in the best country in the world! And so very grateful for the friends and family that have supported me through thick and thin!

I am truly blessed! 🙂

Now, on with the training!!! Stay tuned!!!

LOVE this AC/DC tune! Bring on the summer!!!


Day 8 and 9

Time to take it a little easier and appreciate!

After a fantastic workout with Lisa, I felt spent! I was a little dizzy and felt kind of bloated before she came over, I even called her house and told her maybe we shouldn’t workout but she was already on her way!

I pushed through it and Sue came later. We had a really nice girls’ night visit!

But something wasn’t right.

I felt increasingly dizzy. I drank a ton of water but it just sat in my stomach. I started to get a headache and got nauseous. The dizziness got worse. I was pacing because I was feeling like something was really wrong. My fingers started to tingle. The headache got worse. I went online to look at the symptoms of a heart attack. Yep, I had most of them. I called a friend that’s a nurse. He suggested I look at the instruction leaflet with my new blood pressure meds. I could barely read it. He then suggested I call my pharmacist. She wasn’t very helpful but told me to call Telehealth. I did that. After chatting with an RN for a little bit, the dizziness and headache got worse and I was getting confused. She called 911. An ambulance showed up at my door! I hated leaving my dog behind but I knew I needed medical attention. I thought I was having a stroke or heart attack!

Once inside the ambulance, the team immediately assessed my symptoms then called ahead to hospitals to see where I could go. They said I was in luck that one of the urgent care centres had no waiting! We were off to University.

Once there, they immediately put me on heart sensors. The doc checked me over, they took some blood and although my pressure was high, it wasn’t insane. The doc said people walk around with that blood pressure and are fine. He was puzzled. I explained that I felt like maybe I was dehydrated because my new meds had a diuretic component. When my blood tests came back, he said my sodium was dangerously, almost toxicly, low and that I needed to stay in hospital for treatment. They started an IV drip right away.

I had to stay in emerg all night, then all the next day. I got my blood taken every four hours, 24-7.

As I began to feel better, apparently I wasn’t back to a healthy level of sodium yet.

I had to stay one more night but they found me a bed in a room!

In the meantime, the most wonderful network of friends and neighbours came together to take care of my dog Lola. I was very worried about how she would get out to pee, get fed, etc, and all my friends took a turn at taking care of her. So while I was in hospital getting better, my extended family was taking care of my girl. I am SO grateful to have such wonderful and caring people in my life. Each and every one of them. Some came to visit and brought me stuff to read, brought me a change of clothes, phone charger, stuff from home, and eventually drove me home.

Today, Saturday, I’m finally back!

The doc said I ended up being hypnotremic or sodium deficient because of a combination of taking a diuretic (the blood pressure meds) and overhydrating. In other words, I can drink water but I also need to drink something else that replenishes electrolytes in my body, even though I’ve been taken off the previous blood pressure medicine. They made it clear before I was released, not TOO much water… ever!

So now this weekend I’m going to walk my dog a lot and appreciate her, but I also owe everyone who reached out and lended a hand a huge thank you! We are SO lucky to have such giving, compassionate people in our lives!


Of course Lisa feels terrible and partly responsible for my episode because she feels like she forced me through what turned out to be my dehydration! How was she to know??? I didn’t even know, I thought the dizziness was just a side effect of the medication!!!

So strict orders from her to not workout AT ALL this weekend, she said next week too but I think we can negotiate that later 🙂

So time for relaxation just in time for some nice weather!

Hey and I have an interview on Tuesday as a part-time caregiver for a woman with CP (Cerebral Palsy)! Sounds kind of fun so we shall see. And I have an appointment with my GP on Thursday to adjust my meds!

So a little training break to smell the roses!

Because I’m feeling all mushy and emotional, this song came to mind. I’m not a huge Celine Dion fan but I AM a big fan of the movie Up Close and Personal with Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer which this song was from…

WARNING: Very mushy!

Day 2

I’ve been thinking alot today.

Endurance cycling was challenging last night but I pushed myself! My hips are aching today and am trying to stretch as much as possible. I also found out there are only 2 weeks of class left!

I have kept this on the down-low and not mentioned it to too many people (until now) but just over two weeks ago, I fell in my bathroom and cracked my head on the side of the tub. It knocked me out, not sure for how long, but I was terrified to go to the hospital for fear I would have to stay there and no one could fend for my dog. I was awake all night, not realizing how much the gash was bleeding nor the size of it, because the blood caked up in my hair! Eventually my aunt came the next day and took me in. The gash was so big, it took three STAPLES to try to close it! The doc said I was lucky I made it through the night and that the scary part would have been then.

I got the staples out last week. It’s scabbed up now but sometimes I still feel light-headed, the swelling hasn’t completely gone down and my scalp still feels numb.

I felt light-headed after spin last night. I have to admit, that scared me.

Just a day before my fall, I’d reluctantly started on blood pressure meds (Mine is too high and the doc said there is nothing I can do, it’s the BOTTOM blood pressure number and that’s hereditary. I asked him is there any change I could make that I haven’t tried and he said not unless I could switch the gene pool!) Side effects from that drug include dizziness so I’m hoping it’s just the meds that need a little tweaking.

I’ve been fighting myself all day today about whether or not to run at some point and decided against it as I’m starting with my trainer Lisa tomorrow morning. I have a feeling she is going to kick my ass!

I will soon have to find someone to give me a few swimming lessons and I have to figure out WHERE I’m going to train for the swim!

I’ve decided to sign up for the Woodstock sprint tri, it’s June 11 weekend. That gives me about 10 weeks.

I have realized that I, myself, am my biggest hurdle. Once I set my mind to something, there is no stopping me, no excuses. I now need to figure out WHY my drive isn’t yet where it should be. I need to make a breakthrough!

My friend Lisa is indeed that, a good close friend. She knows more about me than most people do. I’ve allowed her in, allowed her to get close so if there are tears because we discover the reason that my thinking isn’t in the right place, I feel safe letting go with her. I trust her.

So I need to rest up tonight! Lisa said I have to drink a minimum of 1L of water before I come over, preferably 2!

No matter what you think about Eminem, this song was, and still is, haunting…

It resonated with me today!