Day 24 and 25

I am not a gym junkie, but I am a chocoholic!

Going for Easter dinner out at our friends’ cottage was fantastic! Weather wasn’t all that sunny but it was mild so the dogs all got a good visit in! We had ham, loaded mashed potatoes, asparagus, spinach salad, and I think there was pie for dessert. There were two couples, me and four dogs, including Lola.

Each of us also got a basket with both real eggs and chocolate ones, as well as a giant chocolate bunny from one of the couples! I ate Mr. Bunny on the drive home!

Then I woke up this morning with renewed commitment to go back to no booze, no white flour and no refined sugar, AND to decide on a sprint triathlon or try-a-tri event.

I was not successful in either of those bids!

I looked over the Woodstock tri site for quite a while and just couldn’t decide! However I DO have a six-week sprint tri program that I can follow. Monday of the first week is a “day off”! What luck!

Lisa gave me some times she could train me this week so that’s back on again too! She’s really motivational so that should help, I hope!

And I found on top of my fridge, two Belgium chocolate eggs that I had picked up for my friends with the cottage but forgotten to give to them! We all got so much chocolate that I knew they wouldn’t want them. So I promptly ate one WHOLE EGG today! WTF?

I’d love to say PMS is the only cause for the temporary lapse of reason but I don’t think that’s the only source! Why did I do it? Why can’t I commit to a tri event? I’ve attempted to commit to doing one a few times now and it just won’t stick! I have to think about why I just can’t git’er’done?!

Tomorrow I am helping my financial guy get his home office in order. He is now without an assistant and he said he could use my help even if it’s just temporary so that should be fun!

Hopefully by then my chocolate tummy ache will have subsided!

I wish Biggest Loser was on tonight so I could get motivated! WAIT! I have Rogers On Demand! I can watch last week’s again!

I have to admit though, this past week of not caring what I ate and swilling red wine has been some kind of awesome! Lots of fun! And I have come up with the “zingers” effortlessly! That is SO fun!

I really want to get over the “hurdle” though of not pushing myself to be more physical. I love it once I get at it, and I’ve been able to motivate myself in the past to train for events. What’s holding me back?

I’ve discovered so much about myself this far, I’m sure this will come to me as well!

But for tonight, good eats, lots of water AND G2 (Gatorade low cal), and a good night’s sleep to be fresh for helping my financial guy tomorrow and then cardio and training with Lisa!

Getting right back on that horse!

Interesting video by Snow Patrol, I’d never heard this song, Chocolate, till today!


Day 21, 22 and 23

Birthday and long weekend!

I celebrated my birthday on Thursday as typically Thursday is girls’ night and my pals come over to my pad! We decided to take the night on the road and went to my local pub! Suffice it to say, it was tons of fun, ending the evening with some dancing and trying a few flips on the neighbour’s trampoline in the wee hours! Yeah, I’m still a kid at heart!

Earlier on in the day, I met with life coach Michael and it was really a fun session! I learned alot about myself and know my progress is chugging along nicely!

The next day, friends invited me to a dinner party on Good Friday, which was actually my birthday! I met some new people and my stomach hurt from laughing so hard! A great time was had by all!

My family is flung to far areas, one brother and his wife living northeast of me, still in Ontario, but a 3.5 hour drive. My other brother, his wife and their two darling kids, live in the UK. My mom lives near Kingston. Dad and his wife, in New Brunswick. I have two half brothers that also live in New Brunswick. I got calls from both brothers, and my little British niece, Poppy sang Happy Birthday to me over the phone, with a little help from my brother! Then told me she loved me! Priceless! Mom and Dad also made calls! And Facebook is great for your ego, as it reminds your “friends” you are celebrating a birthday! I got lots of lovely notes!

It’s been grand!

Now I’m headed off to an aunt and uncle’s place for dinner! They only became family through my second marriage and even though that relationship dissolved, ours didn’t, in fact, it grew stronger! I really enjoy spending time with them and they are simply wonderful to me!

I have so much to be thankful for this Easter!

Tomorrow, Lola and I are off to my best pal’s cottage for Easter dinner!

I am truly blessed!

Michael posted this song on Facebook and I heard it playing in the backround at dinner last night. What a set of pipes!