Day 6

I am excited! Feeling fan-freaking-tastic!

Today started out like an ordinary day and the crap weather didn’t really help things! When I heard a knock at the door, I opened it to find a federal candidate and an entire CPAC camera crew! The candidate asked if I minded the cameras and having pretty much done nothing since I crawled out of bed, sheepishly agreed. But when he recognized me from radio (he’d appeared on the show in the past), I couldn’t hold back and told him what I thought people were looking for. It felt really good!

Later, I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill for about 5k and although my muscles were a bit sore, I felt really great! I started thinking to myself, why did I ever stop? Physical fitness feels SO good, it really is a natural high!

But let’s see how “high” I feel after Lisa kicks my butt again tomorrow! 🙂

Personally I started something completely new, profoundly unique and it put an extra spring in my step!

Like most people, if we’re all honest, I struggle with self-acceptance, balance, being a “pleaser” and generally whether or not to feel selfish for taking care of myself. Seems something so simple yet so difficult when you come right down to it. I’m not talking about the basic necessities of life but really pursuing your dreams and in some cases, even allowing yourself to dream.

Through a mystical turn of events, I met a man through Facebook named Michael G. Duhaney. He’s a life coach but not your traditional life coach, he’s called a “Heart Centred Coach”. I’d never heard of that before. You can find out more about him here .

I have to admit, quite of few people have offered to be my life coach in the past, and frankly, I never thought it was worth the money. Why would I pay someone to do something I should be doing myself? 

Man, was I wrong!

At our first meeting today, Michael outlined how the working relationship would work, what we would each get out of it. I can’t explain it, but Michael has such a unique approach that I truly believe it will become the natural way of coaching and/or counselling from now on and that he will most definitely have a profound impact on changing the world’s perception, simply by coaching one person at a time! I think the most powerful thing he said today was something to the effect that I was “safe” in this environment, that I could truly be myself and in essence, that I could trust him. That brought me to tears and I explained that it is so hard to trust. He smiled.

I feel safe enough to delve into what is holding me back, why I’m stuck.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Michael!

I have some homework. I’m supposed to bring something that shows Michael who I am, some sort of symbol. I have a week to come up with something! 🙂

As I walked home today, I felt a distinct feeling that magical things are about to happen, and I am SO excited!

One of my fav songs from a British pop group, sort of a NKOTB from the UK, called Take That with Shine…