Day 7

One week and a beauty day! 🙂

Doesn’t everyone just feel better when it’s nice outside! Today, it topped, oh likely 10 degrees Celsius but was sunny! We haven’t seen the sun here in a bit!

I was supposed to meet a friend at the bottom of a giant hill today (opening of Gibbons Park here in London) so we could do some hill repeats outside (running). I was just going to take my bike out for a spin but she called and we agreed to meet. We had a miscommunication about WHERE we were meeting and I ended up waiting at first the bottom, then the top, of the hill for what ended up being maybe 30 min. When I called her house, she was at home! We’d missed each other! Not wanting to leave my bike unattended (I’d forgotten my lock) I drove home. It was only about 3.5k there so I took the same route home but added some extra streets and hills. I’d forgotten how much I LOVE biking and how different biking outside is than indoors! I prefer outdoors and you actually GET somewhere! It’s great transportation! And we have a fantastic trail system here in London!

I didn’t want to overdo it since Lisa is coming over tonight for another weight-training session before our girls’ night! But I wanted to post now so I can get outside with my pooch and enjoy the sunshine while it’s still in the sky! 🙂

I’m having a little trouble getting my eating right, not the inputting but the outputting! I think it has a lot to do with my new meds. I’m going to see the doc next week so hopefully we can sort it out then. I’d really prefer not to be on them at all and I’m doing it kicking and screaming but heart disease and high blood pressure run on both sides, apparently I kept it at bay longer than anyone else in the family.

I whizzed by a news conference of sorts on the bike path near the river. I saw some of my media pals there, radio, TV, and print reporters and camera-folk. People recognized me and I shouted out a friendly “Hi” with a big smile! It’s funny, I think they are all DYING to know what I’m up to now because I never whine nor complain when I see them, always stay positive!

I can feel something awesome is afoot, just not sure what 🙂

Stay tuned!

This is one of my favourite tunes of all time and never fails to get me moving! I love Tom Cochrane’s version, makes me think of road trips across Ontario in the summertime!