Day 46

I WILL learn to swim front crawl, face in that water, effortlessly, it just takes practise!

I remember as a chubby kid, despising the days we had to do the dreaded Canada Fitness Tests, in which you received a bronze, silver, gold or award of excellence patch for your jacket depending on how well you did at various fitness tests/tasks. Everyone had to participate and since you pretty much had to have an appendage hanging off in my family to miss school, I HATED those days!


My mom sat down with me everyday after school, holding my legs, until I could do a set amount of sit-ups. Then I would hit the schoolyard (conveniently across the street from our house) to practise running. Then flexed arm hang (which was the hardest in my books) Mom told me that if I practised enough, I would get better.

She was right. I eventually got a silver patch.

Swimming is going to have to be the same thing.

I got so frustrated today! After an awesome spin class, I decided to put into practise what Jill had taught me and hit the pool. It didn’t take long before I started to feel panicked! Frick! Why couldn’t I get out of my head?! I was determined however and did about 200m, not all face-in-water front crawl and not non-stop, but I did it. Jill is right. Until I can do it without thinking, I won’t be able to master it.

So it needs practise. Repetition. Over and over the same thing, back and forth in the pool. Only then, can I get faster.

But I will.

And I WILL conquer it. I have to because I WANT to.

I watched Oprah interview James Frey again, five years after she lambasted the author for embellishing his “memoir”. I think she was unfair in her crucifixion of him. I think she reacted because she felt she had been embarrassed, especially after supporting him on Larry King Live, then doing an about-face when she, herself, was crucified in the media for not taking the guy to task.

It was an interesting interview today. I knew Oprah wanted to apologize. She didn’t today but I suspect before the 2nd part is finished, she will. She should.

I was thinking, and have been saying it a lot lately, that all of the crazy adventures I’ve had that keep popping into my head as of late, would make an entertaining book! I guess everyone likely thinks that who’d ever considered being a writer.

It’s been on my mind. And watching James Frey today fuelled the fire to keep thinking about it.

But let’s get through these 100 days first! Not even halfway, but learning a multitude!

Was thinking about this song today…


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