Day 33, 34, 35

Sunshine! Finally!

For me, sunny weather always makes me feel better! It makes me want to spend more time outside, it warms my mood, it generally makes me happy that both myself and my dog can get natural, authentic, Vitamin D, and I’ve found, that most people have a little more spring in their step when the sun is shining!

Busy the last few days, attending a multimedia conference that I found fascinating. I know I’m working towards the pieces of the career I’m carving out for myself and it felt really good to be part of the “media” again at an event. It was a two-day event and I was lucky enough to hitch a ride with a very dear and old friend, he, his wife, and myself all went to high school together and his wife is one of my best pals! Both my friend and I were there as freelance writers, he for a hugely successful website, and I was there to write a web piece for a local arts and culture magazine.

I learned a ton. Technology, the web, social media, I find all of it spellbinding and want to be on the edge of what will happen next. That seems to be the issue. Not many are looking forward, they are trying to catch up!

I was especially intrigued by an American anthropologist who studies the effects of media on our human culture. His name is Dr. Michael Wesch and I completely agree with his observations and research. He is also fantastic at explaining things in an easy-to-understand package. You can view his most popular videos here!

Physical-wise, I felt out of my element! I’ve had the benefit of my own routine without a work schedule and the food offered at the conference wasn’t the best but looked and tasted great, as is usually the case right? Plus, combatting some SERIOUS PMS cravings for chocolate and carbs, which I indulged and didn’t feel bad about! However, only one good run so far, and because of the conference sched and Lisa’s daughter not being well, I postponed workouts with her until the weekend. I can’t expect her to be at my whim, in the least, as I’m not paying her and frankly, she needs her own time! I’m not discouraged however! The weather is gorgeous today and I’m out for a bike ride and run tonight! Swimming lessons begin next week… I only have 4 weeks but haven’t signed up for Woodstock yet! I want to complete one BEFORE the reunion and it’s the 2nd weekend in July. I’m not pressuring myself, I feel really good!

I’m working towards self-acceptance and not putting too much pressure on my body! I’ve had a lot of conversations with people recently, older generation, who say they wished they hadn’t been so hard on themselves when they were younger because now they’ve had to have knees replaced! I want to be able to walk without surgery for as long as possible, at least till I’m old and spiteful! 🙂

So in honour of the gorgeous day, celebration of Cinco de Mayo today and maybe the chance I can finally pack away my winter coat (I think I’ll wait till the end of the week) how about a little J-Lo?


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