Day 30, 31, 32

A ton has happened in such a short time!

Of course, the Royal Wedding happened on Friday, we saw all the fabulous hats, Kate’s dress, the awesome cars they were parlayed around in, but I think this was my favourite, her gown for the evening’s events, after the “formal” portion of the reception “tea” was over.


… today is election day here in Canada and I am feeling so much pride that so many Canadians are exercising their honour and right to vote for our federal leaders! I am encouraged as I feel a shift in the thoughts and hearts of Canadian people! Hopefully we will once again become the “community” that the men and women of our military fought wars to uphold and protect! Incidentally, I used a picture of Canada’s Coat of Arms, instead of the Canadian flag, as I had it on my hard drive and had to look up its meaning! You can find it on Wikipedia here! Scroll to the bottom where it says “Symbolism”! I found it really interesting!

And finally…

… the American government says Osama Bin Laden is dead. Apparently one of the most evil and dangerous terrorists of our time. I am suspect, just because I am a cynic, however, I wonder how this will affect the way people think about one another, how they relate?

Will people stop being suspicious of others who “appear” to be Muslim, terrorists, even just “different”? Will airports now loosen the rules as we go through security? Will all the money spent and discussions had about using X-ray machines that render us “naked” to the customs officers, be all for not?

It will be interesting to see how and what unfolds in the coming weeks and months.

Just a weird aside, I could not access this blog for the past two days! This was the first day it would let me onto the site from the home PC!

I actually teared up today walking in to the polling station to vote! It was so busy and it was early on in the day, when most people would be at work!

I was SO proud to live in this country!

I then stopped into my local coffee shop to grab a takeout and ran into some dear friends! We had a fantastically uplifting conversation over coffee about perhaps this will mean people will become more compassionate and empathetic towards one another and suspend their harsh judgements of their neighbours!

I sure hope so and so did they!

I also managed to run 5k this afternoon in just over 30 min! I just have to wait until some money comes through and then I can sign up for the try-a-tri! I’m very excited!

I’m also covering a multimedia conference for London’s The Beat Magazine! It’s called Canada 3.0 and it’s in Stratford, my home town! I’m driving down with a great, high school pal, he’s freelancing for so is covering it also! I’m just interested in being a “sponge” in relation to what’s up-and-coming in the media world!

I am covering the conference on a volunteer basis but it also means I can get access to the event!

I’m so encouraged by all of these things!

And you know what? I’m also a romantic at heart and I truly believe that William and Kate may change the old ways of the Royal Family and give it back some of the stronghold its lost. Plus, I really DO believe in fairy tales and theirs is such a sweet one! I LOVE those damn dresses! 🙂

Like I said, I am feeling supremely patriotic today and what’s more “Canadian” than Gordon Lightfoot???


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