Day 27 and 28

It’s all an exciting, hilarious whirlwind!

With a whole lot of fun thrown in!

I have simply the best life!

I’ve been training with my financial advisor, learning about the world of finance, I’ve been working out with Lisa, which is always good for me, I’ve been out for an annual dinner at a swank restaurant, for charity, with a really fun bunch of pals, and now I’m set to attend a multimedia conference in my hometown and do some freelance writing, Tweeting and Facebooking! Thrown in, I met a pal for coffee, went for some long walks with my pooch, browsed my local neighbourhood shops in the rain, and cleaned up and organized my pad! Plus, decided on a date and narrowed down a “theme” to a few fun ones, for a picturesque soiree, another to hopefully go down in the history books!

Pretty productive!

However, I’ve not been out biking and running too much! I can’t say I’m sad over that, in fact, I feel fantastic! I’m learning so much about so many things and I’m truly loving writing and connecting with people!

I also remember how great it feels to be “busy” and keep your brain that way too! It’s invigorating!

The weather could be better, but it will come around soon!

During my strolls into my neighbourhood shops, I was reminded of my great love of everything “pretty dress”-like, feminine and lacy, but also just “vintage” in general! One shop in particular, Lovesick, is one of my favs! Kim always has “new” and fabulous articles adorning the front windows!

Also found some great hats at The Secret Garden!

Even though it’s been drab for most of the past month, all in all, it is turning out to be whimsical and fun!

The magic is just starting! And I’m SO ready!

Here’s hoping a little Kid Rock brings the summer in just a little quicker!

(Political ad unintentional and does not reflect the author’s view)


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