Day 19

In a split second…

That’s how fast it can happen. I was out walking my dog Lola (in the picture), in the park, like we do everyday. Typically I never let her off-leash if there are other dogs close, but I recognized the neighbour and her German Shepherd. The dog is normally really quiet and docile and we were actually chatting about that very fact. But the bigger dog snapped. In a split second my dog was yelping and crying and being pawed, pinned and bitten. I was mortified and immediately lunged at them. The other owner told me not to get between them and I’d heard that before but I couldn’t take it! I lunged again and Lola got loose, I grabbed her and the other owner secured her dog.

We were both spooked but I told the woman not to be upset, I wasn’t angry, it couldn’t be helped. She had no idea her dog would do that. They are animals. Lola is very friendly, maybe TOO friendly for some dogs.

I posted pictures on Facebook, then took Lola to the vet as she was bleeding on her shoulder and she was still shaking a few hours after the fact.

He was going for lunch but fit us in. He said we were lucky we came in quickly. He cleaned up the wound, gave us some antibiotics and some pain medication. I was grateful!

Lesson learned. I will be a much more cautious dog owner.

On a personal note, I met with a new friend today.

She too is unemployed, very talented in many creative fields, but not quite sure what to do for work next. It was nice to chat with someone else in the same boat! She graciously told me reading my blog was somewhat helpful. It’s amazing to hear that ’cause really, I just think I’m like everyone else! Truly!

I offered to help her with a few things to get her started in a new direction. I really hope it takes off! I will be there nudging her if she needs one!

It’s so fantastic to connect with people in that way! Great to meet her in person, she was just lovely, inside and out!

But it became clear that we all seem to have the same struggles to different degrees and we all try so desperately to prove that we don’t! Isn’t that funny! It really is backwards if you think about it! We crucify ourselves because we don’t think we’re as “put together” as the next person but we have no idea what they are struggling with inside their heads! It’s all rooted in fear. Fear destroys us. But it doesn’t have to! 🙂

I still maintain that we are all the same at the core. We are all vulnerable, loving, perfect-the-way-we-are human beings capable of great things, unique things. It’s just all the mind clutter and painfulness of some life experiences that get in the way! But we are all meant to be happy and to realize the butterflies we all are!

I just KNOW it! 🙂

Must be on an ’80s kick! I loved this tune as a mixed up teenager!


One comment

  1. tjsthings · April 20, 2011

    I’m so glad your dog is better. I think that we are all more alike than we are different, though we try desperately to distinguish ourselves as individuals. What an exercise in frustration, right? 🙂

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