Day 15

Tales from the sloppy jalopy!

OK, I do NOT have a ’72 Gremlin but at times, I feel like my car is one money-sucking hole!

Sure everyone’s is, once you drive it off the lot, no matter if it’s fresh out of the plastic or it’s just “new to you”, the minute you take it home, it depreciates! And so begins the wear and tear and regular aging that metal in four-season weather does! It’s just sometimes frustrating, especially when you really don’t have the cash to put into it!

Today I waited on pins and needles to hear what the damage would be. Turns out I needed to find out if my timing belt had been done before I bought my used car off the Honda lot. I couldn’t seem to find the papers, mostly because they were in the glovebox and the car was at the repair shop! They were busy so they did my oil change but had tons of other appointments for that day. I’ll have to go back. And sure enough, I need the timing belt replaced, as well as a ball joint!

So I have to get a myriad of work done. I will only get what is deemed necessary and if I don’t get done, will be dangerous! Sadly, that’s the rationale right now!

On a happier note, a friend pointed me to a new job posting at Western University, answering their “help line” on a 9 month contract! In another life, well before I went back to school for broadcasting, I worked 8 years at an alarm monitoring station, answering phones and dispatching emergency services and keyholders to residential and commercial alarms. We were sent to a number of courses through the years on how to diffuse “tenuous” callers. So the job would be a foot in the door at the university, and some full-time money coming in!

Also my last indoor endurance spin class is tonight, 90 min of fun! I will miss the class, even though I have had to miss the last few! Now it’s full-on outdoor cycling and my bike is pretty much ready to rock!

I’m going to try to run tomorrow too, depending on how I feel after tonight’s class! Then swim lessons will Jill!

Ally oop!

Bring on the weekend!

I’m showing my age, but this was the first group I saw in concert at Maple Leaf Gardens! I was 14! I was in LOVE with Mike Reno. Now he looks like he ate one of the members of the band!

Brian Adams OPENED for them, debuting his new album, Cuts Like a Knife!


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